What Kind of Game Court Does Your Family Need for Backyard Sports?

9 years ago

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Have you decided to keep your kids safe, healthy and entertained at home with a backyard game court from Sport Court? Now the question might be: Which one?

Sport Court East is the official exclusive Northeast distributor of Connor Sport Court International (CSCI) game courts and, when you call one of our exclusive dealers, you have many choices in the style, size and color of Sport Court surface you want.

Your decision should begin with a few questions:

- How old are your children?
- Will you be using the game court, as well as your kids? With them or after hours?
- What sports do your children play now?
- What sports do you think they will enjoy in the future?
- How big is your yard?
- How much flat, level space is available in your yard, away from large trees and septic tanks?

Right-sizing Your Game Court (Sport Court dimensions)
First, let's look at the size courts available and what games you and your family might play on them.

sport court dimensionsBasketball - Basketball is one of the most popular sports played on game courts in the U.S. While a full-court, NBA regulation size court measures 50 X 94 but few people (other than Justin Timberlake) have that kind of space in their yard or want to devote it to a Sport Court surface. A 25 X 45 foot court is plenty for half court games with a three-point line.

Volleyball - Volleyball and other net sports are typically played on a court of 30X60 feet. Your volleyball court can easily double as a basketball court by placing the hoop in the center of the court, lengthwise, where it doubles as the volleyball net post.

Soccer, Lacrosse and Hockey - Many of today's most popular sports can be played on a Sport Court surface, most games can be adapted based on the size of your court. We can also create custom size courts for your backyard, which can be used for soccer, hockey, lacrosse, jogging, gymnastics, rollerblading, skateboarding, BMX bikes and more.

Tennis - A tennis court is even larger, spanning 36X78 feet, although you can halve the size of the court for singles tennis only if space is a consideration. A doubles tennis court will offer more versatility, being large enough for virtually any game.

Choosing a Model of Sport Court Game Court

Once you've decided how large of a game court your yard will accommodate and your family would like to play their favorite games, it's time to decide on a model of game court from Sports Court. Sport Court East offers three different models of Sport Court surfaces, each with different benefits and at different price points.

PowerGame - Our PowerGame court is the state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line Sport Court surface, frequently used in commercial gyms and pro sports facilities. With the highest ratings for traction and shock absorption in the industry and the lowest abrasion index, PowerGame is the safest, longest lasting Sport Court surface you can buy.

SportGame- Sport Court understands it's important to balance your desire for safety with your family's budget. Ranking high in traction and shock absorption tests and with excellent anti-abrasion characteristics, SportGame is a popular choice for families looking for a game court surface that is suitable for a variety of sports.

SportDeck - Specially designed for tennis, but suitable for a variety of sports because of its shock absorption and lateral forgiveness, the SportDesk is designed as a long-lasting tennis court for your family to enjoy for years.

Once you select the Sport Court surface that fits your family's needs and budget, it's all in the accessories you add, from nets to hoops, and the lines that are painted to fit a variety of sports. Because it's easy to re-paint lines, your game court's specialty can change as your children grow and their interests change. Your game court, unlike that swing set, sandbox or playhouse, is an investment your children won't outgrow.

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