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10 years ago

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Trekking ten blocks to the nearest basketball court or standing in line to wait for a tennis court often takes hours with little actual playing and exercise time.  Gyms are crowded and have limited possibilities, often leaving athletic hopefuls simply feeling frustrated. 

Instead of splitting time and focus searching out places to play your favorite sports separately, create a playing space for your family that can accommodate every member’s style.  Sport Court East is proud to build custom Game Courts right in your very own yard.

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At roughly the same cost of a high quality pool, game courts can be built to easily transform into several different kinds of playing spaces and are hugely successful with your family and friends both indoors and outdoors. 

These multi-use spaces have a wide range of versatility and can be used all year round. Tennis, volleyball, basketball or up to 15 games on one court, choose the favorite pastimes of your household so your game court is custom-made to provide you and your family with unlimited fun.

By enlisting Sport Court East for your Game Court needs, you receive:

  • A place to play that is close and convenient
  • A family and friend-centered activity zone
  • Ability to hone your athletic abilities in your own back yard
  • A gateway to a healthier lifestyle

Partnering with some of the strongest members of the sports community, we work hard to craft every aspect of the court to strict specification for these demanding partners:

  • NCAA
  • USTA
  • NBA
  • FIBA
  • US Soccer
  • USA Volleyball
  • Futsal

With this professional support and our own confidence in the quality of our work, we are proud to build all over New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. 

Safety is as high a priority for us as it is for your family.  Our forgiving surfaces are safe for young and old, with minimal headfall risk and great traction to prevent injuries.  Sport Court East’s American-made game courts have the highest manufacturing standards in the industry, using strong processing controls and independent labs for unbiased reporting that ensures constant quality.  

Sport Court East has a network of experienced Court Builders that can take your project from dream to reality.  Let us build a court for you, and gather your entire family in one happy, healthy game-playing space.

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