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10 years ago

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They dive and roll after a plunging volleyball. They leap and twist to land a tennis shot. They pound their way up and down the court during four wild quarters of basketball. And while they do, one constant can spell the difference between an athlete’s victory and defeat – the quality of the floor

No matter what their level of skill, athletes depend on their game court to boost performance and maintain personal safety. For sport on courts that take a lot of pounding and pressure – volleyball, tennis, basketball and more – choosing a recognized vendor like Sport Court with a proven track record of success is the smartest option for long-term game court success.

The decision to install a game court is an important one – your children and their friends are depending on the surface to give them better “game,” and you should never need to worry about their well-being as they play.

From its inception in 1974, Sport Court has become the industry standard in high-performance indoor and outdoor modular game surfaces. Their success is based on three words that every customer should remember:

When you’re considering safety in your sportcourt flooring, you will agree that you get what you pay for. Flooring discounters abound – but there’s only one Authentic, Original Sport Court, the manufacturer of Sport Court brand of game court surfaces. When you partner with an industry leader, you benefit from their knowledge of each floor’s ideal traction, load capacity, lateral forgiveness and other elements that enter into the player-safety picture . Expertise and experience are why Sport Court is the official surface for the U.S. Tennis Association’s 10-and-under program  -- this national tennis organization recognized the need for surfaces that protect the youngest and most inexperienced players.

Your game court is a significant investment in both safety and performance – you want it to last. The best surfaces are fashioned from high-quality rubber and polypropylene that stand up to seasons of play while they maintain their look, feel and “bounce.” The Sport Court brand lives up to that standard, meeting and exceeding the expectations of residential and commercial customers alike. You would expect nothing less from the official surface for NCAA men's and women's volleyball.

Before you choose any court, you need to know the facts about how your new surface will be sized, designed, created and installed. With its network of dealers across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, Sport Court East is the exclusive supplier of Sport Court brand flooring.  From permitting to completion, the professional staff will take care of every aspect of residential and commercial installation. The result: attractive and high-functioning sport flooring you’ll take pride in – and the security of knowing you’re connected to an established company that backs their work, year after year.

Your ideal floor is waiting
Volleyball, tennis, basketball, dance, gymnastics – when the surface is important to you, you are important to Sport Court. Contact their representatives, and you’ll have a response within 24 hours.

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