Why Sport Court Game Courts?

9 years ago

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Homeowners can choose from a variety of playing surfaces for their family, from concrete to game courts by a number of manufacturers. But there is only one original Sport Court game court.

Often, our customers ask us why they should choose an official Sport Court game court rather than another game court playing surface, or even a concrete surface or leaving grass in the yard. Here are a few reasons to choose not just “a game court,” but a Sport Court game court.

1. Game courts by Sport Court provide lower maintenance and safer, more comfortable surfaces than grass. - It's simple logic. You can't play basketball, hockey, or tennis on a grass surface. You can play volleyball and a few other sports on grass, but it's not as safe and requires weekly maintenance (mowing), plus fertilizer, weeding and possibly even dangerous pesticides to keep your lawn looking good. We're tired just thinking about it! And with all the time you save not taking care of a lawn, you can join your son in a pick-up game of basketball. If your family wants to play sports, not just run around and roll in the grass, a Sport Court game court lets you do it easily, safely, and with virtually no maintenance.

2. Sport Court game courts are much safer than concrete or asphalt - So you've decided your family definitely needs a special playing surface, not grass, to enjoy the sports you love, including basketball, volleyball, tennis, hockey and lacrosse.

Many of our customers remember (fondly) playing sports on concrete at the school yard or the local park. But research shows that running, or playing sports that require intense running, like basketball and tennis, on hard surfaces like concrete increases the risk of injuries. You may have played basketball on concrete growing up. You probably also rode your bicycle without a helmet. Now that we know better, would you let your own children do the same today?

3. Sport Court game courts last longer, and look better, than concrete or asphalt - If the safety reasons aren't enough to convince you to install a game court by Sport Court instead of a concrete or asphalt playing surface, you should know that a modular Sport Court game court will also look better in your yard after time, with no maintenance.

Concrete is fine if you want your backyard to look like a vacant lot. It can be painted to improve the look, but paint wears with time and now your game court will need maintenance. Asphalt is a lower cost option but can deteriorate as water gets in the fine cracks, freezes in the winter and thaws in the spring. At that point, asphalt will require price-y maintenance for both safety and aesthetic reasons.

Sport Court game court surfaces are treated with UV protectants to resist fading, while the open-grid design allows for better drainage and quick drying so your Sport Court game court will be ready for action again shortly after a rain shower or storm.

Game courts by Sport Court, with a unique modular design, are installed to be long-lasting without maintenance and will actually improve the look of your yard and, years from now, can raise the re-sale value of your home, too... but since our system is modular, if you want to take it with you to your new home, you can do that, instead.

Why Choose the Real Sport Court Game Court?

sport court game courtsThere are dozens of imitation “game courts” out there, but only Connor Sport Court International (CSCI) manufactures real Sport Court game courts. Sport Court East has been in business since 1974 and is the only distributor of CSCI Sport Courts in the New York tri-state area. As a whole, CSCI  dealers have installed more than 100,000 indoor and outdoor Sport Court game courts. Don't settle for anything less than a Sport Court game court for you and your family. Read our Top 10 Tips Before You Buy a Game Court for more details.

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