Is Your Game Court Eco-Friendly?

9 years ago

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Once you've made the decision to install a game court in your backyard for sports fun all year long, you'll be considering a few things before you choose the right court for your family, including:

  • Your budget
  • The sports your family plays
  • The size of your yard

game court eco friendlyIncreasingly, families in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut tri-state area are increasingly concerned with reducing their carbon footprint. Sport Court brand game courts from Sport Court East are eco-friendly and non-toxic. They won't add to your family's carbon footprint and, because your children might shut off the big screen TV and game system in favor of playing outside, it could actually reduce your family's carbon footprint. A number of factors, from our production processes to the materials we use, make Sport Court game surfaces eco-friendly.

Manufactured in a ZeroWaste Facility
Sport Court's manufacturing facilities actually exceed minimum requirements from the SWCA Environmental Performance Group for being a “zero waste” facility, based on independent testing. At Sport Court, less than 1 percent of the waste generated by the facilities goes into a landfill. Waste reduction is an important part of sustainability and shows our company's commitment to the environment.

Non-concrete Sub Base is Eco-Friendly
Concrete is made primarily from cement which, due to manufacturing processes and the materials used to make it, is not eco-friendly or environmentally sustainable. Our unique surface, on the other hand, is faster to install, requires no maintenance, and is eco-friendly.

Fully Modular and Built to Last
If you move, you can take your modular Sport Court game surface and the base with you, which means you won't have to have a new game court built on your property. Finally, our Sport Court surfaces are designed to last 15 years or more with virtually no maintenance, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint and lower overall costs throughout the lifecycle of the product.

No Toxic Topcoats or Chemical Cleaners Required
Many top coats, paints and finishes on other sports floors or concrete surfaces are toxic, releasing harmful fumes into the air your family breathes.

Change Your Family's Lifestyle with a Sport Court Game Court
Families who install a game court in their backyard often call us for the quality, value and sustainability of our product. They soon find their whole family making a shift into a more eco-friendly lifestyle, with more time spent outdoors, and less time spent running electronic devices in the home.

Additionally, because children can practice their favorite sports at home, “Mom's Taxi” makes fewer trips to and from the park. Other kids in the neighborhood may be riding their bikes to your house to play on your Sport Court surface, too. So your kids, and their friends, are safer, healthier, playing outside more, and relying less on electronics and indoor games.

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