If you want a Game Court get your permit early

10 years ago

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Families around the world are embarking on a whole new way to get outdoors and enjoy gaming without having to drive to their local fitness club.  If you want a way to enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, tennis and many other court sports, look into a Game Court for all of your activities rolled into one:

  • It will keep the children active and engaged in sports
  • You will be spending loads of quality time with the family 
  • A Game Court at your home will transform your life and your health without having to get in the car and travel anywhere  
  • Everything you need is right there in your backyard with a multi-purpose court.

residential sport court game court

However, it is important that you understand what the rules and regulations are in your neighborhood.  Some areas may require you to have a permit before installing the court.  If you are anticipating making the change to your backyard you should contact your local building department to see what the restrictions and requirements are for installing your new backyard game court.  Make sure to ask any questions relating to:

  • How many feet are the setbacks on the side and rear of your property, generally courts cannot be built in a setback
  • Height restrictions for basketball hoops, fencing or lights may be in place
  • Are there any lot coverage issues, will a court be considered as "coverage"
  • Are there any drainage considerations, courts catch and direct a lot of rainwater

It is important that you, or your contractor, begin talking with the building department early on because there is no way to know how long it will take to get the necessary permits.  The sooner you begin getting everything in order and finding out the restrictions in your area, the sooner you will be able to have your court built and begin enjoying everything there is to offer in your Game Court.  The court itself rarely takes more than a week to construct so, planning ahead and preparing for the big day can help alleviate some stress on you and your family. 

If you start now, before you know it your paperwork will be in order and you will be able to step out and enjoy your new court with a variety of games to keep the whole family active and healthy.  Teaching children a variety of sporting activities will help them to stay active and improve their overall coordination and athletic skills.  There really is no price that can be put on planning ahead and covering all the bases early on.

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