How Do I Prep for a Sport Court Game Court Installation?

9 years ago

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You've done your research and decided a Sport Court game court from Sport Court East is the right choice for your family. What can you expect from the installation process? How long will it take? And how should you prepare?

Fast and Easy Game Court Installation

When you choose our modular game court sub base to go under your Sport Court game surface, there will be no concrete sub base to pour, resulting in a faster and easier installation.

There is still some prep work that will be required, and your Sport Court dealer will work with you to select the right size court for your yard, the right placement for your game court, and obtain the permits necessary for the installation. Let's take a look at some of the steps you and your Sport Court dealer will go through as installation day arrives.

1. Your dealer will look at your property setback lines, location of your septic system, and location of any large trees which could pose a problem with roots growing beneath your sport court, and select a large, flat area of land to place your sport court. Because your Sport Court dealer is an expert in game court installations, not other backyard projects, you can trust his judgement and guidance regarding where to place your game court and the size you can select.

2. The dealer will assess the available access to your property. It may be necessary to take down part of the fence to gain access to your yard, but because no concrete trucks are required, crews may be able to work with smaller entries than you may think. 

3. Prior to your game  court being placed, land may need to be leveled or retaining walls put in. The drainage will also need to be assessed. All of these factors may add to the total cost of your project. The largest, flattest space available is always best for a game court. Your dealer will provide an honest price quote based on factors like your property's grade and drainage issues, so you know what you're getting into before you commit to a game court installation by Sport Court East.

4. Permits will be obtained. While a game court installation may only take a few days, the prep work and permitting process might take longer. Prep work often must be completed in order to qualify for permits, especially if drainage is a problem. Drainage will be installed first in order to qualify for permits to install your sport court.

Permits, if they are required in your municipality, are especially important today with Google Earth and other programs that let officials view people's yards. If your game court does not have the required permits, you may be forced to remove it. Not only would this be a loss of money and a great disappointment, it would be depriving your family of their safe, fun environment to play.

It's worth it to use a Sport Court East dealer who will assist you with the permit process and do everything “by the book,” to ensure a safe, long-lasting and legal game court in your backyard.

5. Installation begins - With all the groundwork laid, it will take the crew only a few days to install your fully modular sport court game surface. The moment it's installed, your game court is ready for action! Painting lines may take a few hours, and will then require two to three days drying time before you can use your court. Installing a modular Sport Court game court really is that quick and easy.

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