Get Ready for Backyard Sports this Spring with a Game Court

9 years ago

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Today's generation of parents realize it takes something special to attract kids to your home. For many families, a backyard game court is the answer.

It's the dream that follows from generation to generation. Maybe you lived in the home where everyone gathered. Your mom bought Kool-Aid and chips by the case, and there was always an endless stream of boys and girls in and out of your yard. Your friends called your parents “Mom” and “Dad.”

You want the same thing for your kids... and now you have it, except all winter they've been spending too much time in the basement, surrounding the 55-inch TV with Xbox controllers in hand. You love having the kids around, and now that the weather's warming up, you want them to get out more, get some fresh air and exercise. But, of course, you still want them safe, where you know exactly where they are, what they're doing, and who they're with. The local schoolyard isn't necessarily safe or supervised (and, more frequently today, schools lock the gates after hours and during the summer to prevent trespassing). The solution might be a game court in your backyard. 

Will This Year's Yard Work Include a Backyard Court Installation?

You're prepping your yard for spring. You've mowed what passes for grass after the winter for the first time, added some seed or sod, trimmed the hedges. Now it's time to make that addition that will make sure your home is the place all the kids want to hang out, all year long. We're not talking about a swimming pool. We're talking about something with virtually no maintenance, where the kids can play hockey, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, even ride BMX bikes or skateboards and, after work, you and your spouse can step outside for a game of tennis in order to get in shape, like you've been promising to do for months.

The Benefits of Kids Playing Backyard Sports

A sport court draws the kids to your yard, and gives them a place to get involved in sports backyard sports sport courtactivities, which increase their fitness level and build principles of teamwork. After installing a sport court, so many of our customers tell us their “biggest problem is keeping enough soda and water in the house.” If you're a parent who wants to know where your kids are, and know that they are safe, that's a very good problem to have.

Backyard Sports Courts: Fun for the Whole Family

A backyard sport court will provide years of maintenance-free enjoyment, and there are sizes available to fit nearly every yard and every family's needs. Because sports courts are so versatile, they adapt to your children. This year, it's hockey. Next year, maybe, lacrosse. And, as they get older, your kids can enjoy tennis or volleyball. Your sport court is sure to be a hit at summer parties and barbecues, too. Just supply a volleyball and watch your family and friends jump out of their seats to join in the games!

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