Game Courts are for the whole family

10 years ago

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Remember how you played when you were young?

"Ewing...Hook!", "Jordan...Fade Away!", "Starks...for a 3!"  Do you remember calling out these words while playing pick-up games with your good friends and family on a warm summer afternoon?

Playing games with your friends and family are some of your fondest memories with good reason.  

Instead of toiling on a treadmill, you effortlessly exercised, for hours, fully consumed in play and entertainment.

Instead of learning how to "shoot em up" in front of the glow of a mind-numbing video game, you learned the virtues of teamwork, sportsmanship and camaraderie, virtues which drive your success today.

Great news! Game Courts by Sport Court can help you and your family get playing and interacting like you once did on those memorable summer days.

Sound familiar?...

Your child and a friend or two are at the house holed away behind a closed door in a dark room playing video games and surfing the internet.

The day and night go by with no physical activity, no meaningful interaction and no healthy play.

Now imagine this...

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Your child and a number of friends are outside in your yard playing on your Game Court. They are loud, laughing and sometimes shouting, playfully, as they work through, together, the rules of the game.

You go out to check up and the children ask if you would like to take them on in a game of three on one.  You jump at the offer and engage in a lively pick-up game.

Even though you still "have it", you decide to ease up at the very end and the children win the game by one point. They cheer, laugh and tease you.  You tell them, it won't be so easy next time and they insist on another game.

You take a few minutes break and all sit down in the middle of the Court. One child asks you "who do you think is the best basketball player of all time?"  An engaging conversation ensues because the children believe "Melo" is the best and you beg to differ.  After the question is resolved, in your favor, you make your exit and the children continue to play into the night until they are completely exhausted. 

Game Courts bring families together unlike any other modern form of play or entertainment.  These memories are the jewels of life, invaluable and difficult to collect at today's modern pace.  Reclaim those memories and create new ones on your own backyard Game Court. 


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