Authentic, Original Sport Court - Don't be fooled by imitators

10 years ago

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Sport Court Incorporated is the only Authentic and Original manufacturer of Sport Court branded Game Court products.



Since our first court in 1974 we have become the generic brand representing high performance modular surface for indoor and outdoor courts, this is a blessing and a curse. 

Customers use Google to search for us using many names including:

  • Sport Court

  • Sportcourt

  • Sportscourt

  • Sports Court 

  • Sport Courts 

  • Sports Courts 

  • And, any variations combined with indoor, outdoor, surfacing etc...

It is a good thing that consumers know the Sport Court brand, even if slightly misspelled, and actively search for us by name when they are looking for an indoor or outdoor game court.  

It is a bad thing that our competitors spend their online marketing dollars using the Sport Court brand, or variations of the Sport Court brand to draw consumers to their websites.

Often consumers believe they are dealing with the real Sport Court when in fact they are dealing with a competitor selling an inferior product.

Competitors are intentionally building their websites to decieve you and capture any Google search that includes our brand and its variations. They are trying to trick you into believeing that they are Sport Court or "just like Sport Court only less money"

Don't be fooled, there is only one Authentic, Original Sport Court. Available only through authorized Sport Court Representatives. 

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