Daily Workouts On Your Backyard Game Court to Get Fit, Fast

9 years ago

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Most of us want to get in better shape, whether it's to look better or to feel better, keeping up with our kids for summer sports activities. But few of us have the time. If we're not driving kids to and from summer camp, sports practice and playdates, we're working. But here's some good news.

A study conducted by Dr. Glenn Gaesser, Director of the Healthy Lifestyles Research Center at Arizona State University, shows that working out for 10 minutes, three times a day, provides just as many benefits as working out for 30 minutes at a time.

That sounds a little better than committing to 30 minutes of workout time. Not to mention the backyard sportslengthy drive to the gym, change into workout clothes, exercise, shower, drive home... If your goal is to work out at a gym outside your home everyday, you might find yourself committing 90 minutes or more to a 30-minute workout. Who has that kind of time?

So, how do you squeeze those three 10-minute workouts into your day?
How does a quick game of tennis sound? Or shooting hoops? Maybe pickleball? All of these are possible with a backyard game court.

Find Time for Exercise with a Game Court
Maybe you see your kids outside playing basketball, so you ask to join them. Now you've not only gotten your 10 minutes of exercise, you've made their day, too! Or maybe you commit to a 10-minute tennis game on your sport court surface with your wife every morning before work, again before dinner, and once in the evening. That's a fun way to get in your 10 minutes.

There are so many sports you can play on a backyard game court, all you have to do is find the one (or more!) you enjoy. Weekend volleyball with the neighbors. Tennis. Shooting hoops. Even Zumba is safer on a sport court game surface.

The important thing is to get off your couch, get into the backyard, and play. Whether you're by yourself, with your spouse, or with your kids, you'll be amazed at how quickly 10 minutes can pass when you're having fun. And if you exercise for 15 or 20, that's great. There will be days, as a parent, when you're hard-pressed to even squeeze 10 minutes of exercise time into your day. That's okay. Make it up the next day with an hour-long hockey match with your son and his friends.

Can a Game Court Really Change Your Life?
The important thing is to change your mindset and begin living a more active lifestyle. Instead of turning on the XBox or surfing NetFlix, get your family out on the game court after dinner. The kids will sleep better than they do after being stimulated by electronics before bedtime, you'll feel better, and, hey, you can even have that slice of chocolate cake for dessert without worrying that it will go straight to your hips.

Yes, life really is better with a game court in your backyard. But don't take our word for it... contact us and find out for yourself.


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